November 26, 2014


St. Vincent de Paul Society of Milwaukee is an organization dedicated to the elimination of hunger and poverty.


April has been a participant in St. Vincent de Paul Family Support Services Program, a home visitation program in collaboration with the City of Milwaukee Health Department, since October 2013. April is a loving and caring mother of three children, who are all developmentally on target. She prioritizes quality time and interacts with all her children. April stated that her family is the most important factor in her life and she will do whatever is necessary to make life better for her three children. EFM is very proud of this family’s accomplishments.

The SVDP Social Worker and the City of Milwaukee Health Department Public Health Nurse provide biweekly home visits to April and her children. Through these visits, April learned how her children learn through playful parent interaction. She has learned about milestones in development and the different stages of growth of her children. April assesses the growth and development of her children with the assistance of her community health worker/social worker and public health nurse. As a team, they collaborate together to discover what
she, as a parent, can do to promote healthy child growth and development. April has worked very hard to overcome a variety of obstacles in her life and to achieve her goals.

April has already accomplished her educational goal. April really shined during her clinical
training and she was offered a CNA position, at the nursing facility, contingent on passing the CNA state exam. April accepted the CNA position, so we congratulate April, for attaining her employment goal as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The manager of the nursing facility stated that she was very impressed with April’s compassion toward others and her willingness to help co workers and share her knowledge when needed. April’s next goal is to enroll in school in the near future to begin work on her Nursing Degree.



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